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Dia Mirza

Dia Mirza's NGO Initiatives

From female feticide to rural & educational development, Dia has been at the forefront of burning issues that affect our lives on a regular basis.

From female feticide to rural & educational development, Dia has been at the forefront of burning issues that affect our lives on a regular basis.


Dia Mirza's NGO Initiatives

Save The Children, India

Dia is committing to help raise awareness about malnutrition, quality education, gender equality and child trafficking. She will use the reach of her celebrity to champion the rights of children in India and around the world. On this day she also made an impassioned appeal in a video message to create an unstoppable movement for change.

Link - https://www.savethechildren.in/news/dia-mirza-joins-save-the-children-as-artist-ambassador

Genesis Foundation

Dia Mirza has become brand ambassador of Genesis Foundation to support underprivileged kids with critical illness.

Dia is helping Genesis Foundation in spreading awareness for children who need help. Genesis Foundation (GF) provides financial support for life-saving and life-changing medical intervention for critically ill under-privileged children in areas of cancer, cardiac disorder, post organ transplant medication, thalassemia and extreme deformities.

Link - genesis-foundation.net/people/ambassadors/

Smile Foundation

Actor Dia Mirza spent a day with Smile Foundation children at a Mission Education centre in Mumbai. She talked about importance of education, cleanliness and personal hygiene with the children, motivating them to dream and work hard to achieve their dreams. The children were delighted with Dia as she told them stories, shared her experiences and patiently answered all their queries. Dia’s interaction with the kids was captured by NDTV and aired as a special episode titled ‘Swachhta Ki Pathshala’ on NDTV 24x7, NDTV India and NDTV Prime. Their aim to help and develop the living conditions of the deprived majority of this country, by providing standard education as well as providing necessary medications and treatments.

Link - www.smilefoundationindia.org/dia-mirza.htm

Wildlife Trust India

Dia Mirza visits Kaziranga National park, Assam, guarding the precious national resources with Wildlife Trust India. Nature lover, co-founder member of WTI Club Nature and actress Dia Mirza says bringing the narrative of nature into whatever we are doing will effect a difference in educating the society. Wildlife Trust of India (WTI) Club Nature is an entity formed by some committed individuals who want to do something for nature conservation. Dia feels that short films, anthems and advertisements could be a strong medium to spread awareness about nature conservation.

Link - wti.org.in/ImageGallery.aspx

Wildlife Conservation Trust

Dia Involved herself with the ‘Save Our Tigers’ campaign backed by NDTV and Aircel. Also, she joined the celebration of increase in tiger population in the country.

Link - www.wildlifeconservationtrust.org/impact.php#spotlight

Swades Foundation

Dia Mirza associated with the Swades Foundation which operates with the single-minded focus of empowering rural India to raise funds for rural empowerment in 2014. For the same, Dia walked the Dream Run at the Standard Chartered Marathon, 2015.

Link - www.swadesfoundation.org/newscentre.htm


Dia Mirza featured in a campaign by PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) dressed as a snake to raise her voice against exotic skin trade in an ad. She feels for the cause and thinks that skinning animals alive or beating them to death for a pair of boots or a purse cannot be justified. By doing this ad, she urged people to stop wearing exotic skin PETA has honoured Dia's production house, Born Free Entertainment, with a Hero to Animals Award for promoting the adoption of homeless dogs in their film 'Love, Breakups, Zindagi'. The film urges people to show compassion to animals and encourages them to adopt homeless or street animals.

Link - www.petaindia.com/media/news-releases/dia-mirza-targets-cruelty-exotic-skins-punchy-new-peta-ad-time-lakme-fashion-week/

Greenpeace India

Dia Mirza is one of the staunchest supporters of Greenpeace India – a global movement of people taking action for a green and peaceful future. She has supported a lot of important campaigns such as Switch on the Sun; Free the Arctic 30, Republic of Junglistan and NO COAL among many others.

Link - www.greenpeace.org/india/en/Press/Greenpeace-India-holds-a-nationwide-protest-for-30-hours-in-30-cities/


Dia Mirza closely works with ADAPT (Able Disable All People Together) - formerly known as Spastic Society of India. As one of Dia’s family members is spastic, she is very sensitive about the issue.

ADAPT, formerly The Spastics Society of India, was founded by Dr. Mithu Alur in 1972. Over three decades, from a special school started with three children, it has grown to become one of the foremost non - profit organizations in the country, providing services for more than 3000 children and 10,000 families. Their services include assessment, infant stimulation, therapy, counseling, inclusive education, skills training and job placement, continuum of support services and home management programmes for children and young adults with disability.

Link - www.adaptssi.org/home.html


Dia is one of the youngest members of the Advisory Board of Anandana, which was chaired by (Late) Shri. J.S. Verma, former Chief Justice. Anandana is committed to sustainable development and inclusive growth by focusing on issues relating to water, the environment, healthy living and social advance along with building civic associations of India. Dia continues to actively lend her support for the same.

Link - www.anandana.org/advisoryboard.html


Dia Mirza and Environmentalist & Founder Editor of Sanctuary Asia Bittu Sahgal along with senior forest officials were present at the occasion extending their support and contribution to World Tiger Day

It is an initiative by NDTV to increase the population of tigers & to protect the wildlife in India.

Link - www.aircel.com/AircelWar/appmanager/aircel/delhi

Save Our Tigers

Dia supports Aircel’s Save Our Tigers campaign. On World Tiger Day 2015, Dia was in Delhi to celebrate the increase in the tiger population in the country. She was persistent in asking Bittu Sahgal, founding editor of environmental news magazine Sanctuary Asia, to give her a bigger role in saving tigers.

Link - www.saveourtigers.com/WhatCanIDoStarSpeaks.php

Dia Mirza's Dress To Donate Trousseau Auction

Newlywed bride, Dia Mirza auctioned the wedding saree that she wore on the cover of Femina Wedding Times, prior to her wedding. Dia wore a gold Sabyasachi Mukherjee creation on the September edition of the magazine, which was auctioned on 29th-30th November, 2014. The proceeds of the auction was donated to ADAPT foundation to sponsor the education of underprivileged.

Link - www.idiva.com/news-style-beauty/dress-to-donate-make-a-difference-on-your-wedding-day/33452

Dream Run For Swades Foundation

Dia Mirza is associating with the Swades Foundation to raise funds for rural empowerment. For the same, Dia walked the Dream Run at the Standard Chartered Marathon, 2015. The proceeds were used in the establishment of libraries, health facilities and toilets in rural areas.

Jammu & Kashmir Floods

The recent floods in Jammu & Kashmir have devastated the lives of the people and their families. To support this cause, Dia Mirza has joined hands with NGO CARE India. The funds raised will be utilized by CARE India to hand out survival kits to the affected families and individuals in Jammu and Kashmir. Click here to pledge your support:

Link - http://bit.ly/Dia-StandforJK


Dia Mirza supports the noble cause of Greenathon – an NDTV-Toyota Green campaign that was India’s first ever-nationwide campaign to save the environment. The campaign is aimed at creating awareness about environmental issues by involving the people of our country to make a difference. She has been the guest speaker for the campaign & was one of the donors at Greenathon 2 and 3. She has also been the active supporter or the Tiger-a-thon campaign.

Link - http://green.ndtv.com/


The Face Of Body Shop

Dia endorsed The Body Shop for their ethical stand on the ban on animal testing & propagation of recycled packaging & natural products. She continues to reject associations with any brand that has not signed the ban on animal testing.

Eco Ambassador For Panasonic

Dia as the eco ambassador of Panasonic has appeared on Panasonic’s association with UNESCO for world heritage sites & she continues to be the endorser for Panasonic for the same. She is pleased to be associated with a brand that always takes a lead in introducing technologies that provide people with eco-friendly products as well as solutions that makes a contribution to environment.

Link - news.panasonic.com/global/topics/2013/14834.html

Female Foeticide Campaign & Addressing Other Issues

Dia Mirza has spoken out against female foeticide in India. To support this cause, she was seen in a promo against female foeticide with Waheeda Rehman. Directed by Tanuja Chandra, the promo urged people from all walks of life and motivated them to stop the abominable practice of sex selection and female foeticide. Dia has associated herself with several state governments that call for a ban on the use of plastic, awareness & a call for a ban on female foeticide. She has also featured in various initiatives taken by state governments through public service messaging on AIDS & HIV.

Link - http://www.empowerwomen.org/circles/open-ideas-and-questions-about-womens-economic-empowerment/female-foeticide-educating-rural-women-the-importance-of-a-girl-child

Sanctuary Asia- Leave Me Alone

Dia Mirza is associated the ‘Leave Me Alone’ campaign – a plea of the tiger for space, protection and isolation. It is an initiative by Sanctuary Asia & Save the Tiger India. The campaign name arises from the scientific reality that if the tiger is provided with sufficient space, isolation from human activity, and protection from poaching and habitat destruction, it will thrive. The campaign asks for people across India and the world to amplify the tiger's request to leave it alone.
Dia has pulled all stops to give access and provide all resources to help this campaign become as far reaching as possible. She hopes that the campaign will not spread awareness but also become an example for the world at large.

Link -  www.sanctuaryasia.com/conservation/videos/9509-leave-me-alone-dia-mirza.html

ADAPT – Formerly Known As Spastic Society Of India

Dia Mirza closely works with ADAPT (Able Disable All People Together) - formerly known as Spastic Society of India. As one of Dia’s family members is spastic, she is very sensitive about the issue. This tragedy deeply affected her and opened her eyes towards the plight of differently abled people.
She recently participated in a rally organized by the society to push for building ramps, elevators and adjusted toilets in public places.

Link - http://www.adaptssi.org/

Cancer Patients Aid Association

Dia Mirza is committed to the Mumbai-based Cancer Patients Aids Association for the past 10 years, an NGO that works for the welfare of cancer patients all across India and is directly involved with some of the organisation's aid programmes. Diwali is lit up by diyas made by the CPAA in all those people's homes that Dia each year sends the gift of light to.

Link - http://www.cpaaindia.org/


Over the years, the tiger - India’s national animal has been on a rapid decline and if necessary steps aren’t taken to conserve them, they will soon be extinct. Being an environment friendly person, Dia Mirza is on the frontlines of India's tiger protection efforts and is supporting the ‘Leave Me Alone’ campaign which aims at saving tigers. Not only is she promoting the campaign on all her social platforms, she has also donated some of her personal items for an auction that will raise money for the campaign. ‘Leave Me Alone’ is a joint initiative of Sanctuary Asia and Save the Tiger that emphasizes this vital reality: saving India’s tigers calms the climate and helps secure our future. If tigers vanish, so will their forests, leaving us with runaway climate change. With space, isolation and protection, the tiger and its forests will thrive. The campaign urges people to echo the tiger’s plea to ‘Leave Me Alone’, sign the petition, rally or spread the word.

Dia thinks that the tiger represents all that is powerful and worthy about India and stands as a metaphor for its entire natural legacy. It has the power to unite everybody behind the existent task of reviving the many ecosystems and environments that have been unthinkingly spoiled in the process of chasing economic ambitions. This time Dia around, has decided to auction a dress that she will be wearing for her wedding and the proceedings of which will go to one of the tiger defender’s who support the Leave Me Alone campaign to save the tiger.